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Nut Formers

Nut Formers001
CBP & CNP formers are equipped with both 1800 rotated nut type transfer cassette and bolt type transfer cassette which admits larger punch dia.

Nut Formers002
The 4 bar rocker-rocker motion is applied on transfer system. Using air cylinder to adjust gripper force to maintain the stability of transfer.

Nut Formers003
The picture shows one transmission shaft which transfers power to control the transfer shaft back and forth motion as well as the rotation of the cam shaft which controls the gripper opening and timing. The conjugate cam has been used to control back and forth motion for positive movement.

Nut Formers004
The new kickout Mechanism are used for CBF / CBP/ CNP in figure A and CBF-L/CBP-L series in figure B. K.O. Stroke of arm is individually adjustable at each station. The front position of the kickout mechanism remains unchanged as stroke is adjusted. Trim kickout is available as standard equipment at the last station for CBF / CBP series. K.O. Stroke of blank can be quickly adjustable with a hand wheel mechanism with mechanical digital readout or NC motorized mechanism (option).

Nut Formers005
NC adjusting mechanism (option) uses a step motor coupled to a gear reducer to provide precision positioning of the mechanism even under difficult operating conditions.

Nut Formers006
Timed PKO Mechanism with overload protection ejects the blank positively from the punch immediately as the ram slide withdraws from front dead center. Overload protection for the PKO mechanism creates immediate machine shutdown if an abnormal load occurs.

Nut Formers007
Standard cutoff length adjustment mechanism. Cutoff length adjustment by handwheel mechanism with digital readout (option) is shown as Figure E, or adjusting by NC step motor mechanism (option) is shown as Figure F.

Nut Formers008
The wire feed Mechanism utilizes a ratchet pawl design with automatic lift-up for the return stroke and incorporates a feed amount adjustment together with a brake mechanism to minimize wire pullback problems.
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